Have we got photos for you!  My Dad took these. Hope U like 'em:

My first photo

DSC00457.JPG (560038 bytes)

Mum, Dad and Me

DSC00460.JPG (519937 bytes)

Blood, guts and stuff...

DSC00462.JPG (561395 bytes)

Are all my "Man bits" OK?

DSC00463.JPG (475867 bytes)

All wrapped up for Mum

DSC00464.JPG (516525 bytes)

Checking the pulse. All OK

DSC00469.JPG (475410 bytes)

And In the blue corner weighing....

DSC00470.JPG (454349 bytes)

And in Imperial...

DSC00471.JPG (467011 bytes)

First Bath....

.DSC00474.JPG (478843 bytes)

Bath time is hard work (yawn).

DSC00475.JPG (441130 bytes)

Me and my Grandparents.

.DSC00480.JPG (461928 bytes)

First feed...

DSC00482.JPG (534654 bytes)

Bath with Dad.

DSC00488.JPG (150106 bytes)

Dad, What are those bubbles?

DSC00490.JPG (163728 bytes)

And behind the ears...

DSC00492.JPG (144254 bytes)

Thanks Dad!

DSC00493.JPG (134903 bytes)

Crashed out!

DSC00500.JPG (483932 bytes)

In case you forgot who I am...

DSC00527.JPG (446761 bytes)


DSC00519.JPG (503627 bytes)

Nanna Branch

DSC00507.JPG (467476 bytes)

Auntie Christina

DSC00501.JPG (469668 bytes)

Uncle Mark and Auntie Karen

DSC00512.JPG (267972 bytes)

End Day Two

DSC00525.JPG (278596 bytes)

Mum needed some blood...

DSC00521.JPG (247228 bytes)

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